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PSSEHA 2011 Annual Report

January 21st, 2012

Dear Association Members,

Greetings. On behalf of the board of our association and my fellow board members, let me again thank you for your support in 2011. This was the second year of our existence, and we were very busy in pursuing our goal of salmon enhancement in Puget Sound.

The board of directors and the general membership met for our annual meeting at Fishermen's Terminal, Seattle, on Saturday, December 17th, 2011. The following topics were discussed.

2010 Annual Report (Paul Troka, President)

  1. PSSEHA presented a bill to the Washington State Legislature (SB 5453, and HB 1821), which would allow for a permanent funding source for commercially important salmon enhancement operations. This bill was heard in the Senate Natural Resources & Marine Waters Committee. We were not able to advance the bill out of committee.

  2. We worked with several of the groups that opposed the original language of the bill. Based upon those discussions, we changed several parts of the bill, and re-submitted it to the Legislature. (The current version of the bill can be found on this website.)

  3. We contributed $1,000 to an economic study, which showed the true value of commercial fishing and seafood processing to the economy of Washington State.

  4. Our staff crisscrossed the entire Puget Sound region, from Neah Bay to South Sound to Bellingham Bay, meeting with all of the Treaty Tribes of this region. Our intent is to form strong alliances with every group that has a stake in salmon enhancement, and good relations with the many Treaty Tribes are critical to our success.

  5. We have signed a working agreement with the Lummi Nation, which will allow PSSEHA and the Lummi Nation to work together to rebuild salmon stocks within their traditional area. We are working on specific enhancement plans at this time, and we hope to be able to announce something to you in the near future.

  6. We are also working with other Treaty Tribes in Hood Canal and South Sound, and hope to have in place new (additional) enhancement projects, which would start in 2012.

  7. We have scheduled a hearing in Olympia for Thursday, January 26th, 2012. The Senate committee wants to hear from all stakeholders (fishermen and processors alike)—what does salmon enhancement mean to you? How many jobs are involved? Why would a bill providing permanent funding help or hinder your livelihood? Please come and testify. The issues at hand are not simple, and we will never agree with each other on every point. However, your opinion matters, and you deserve a chance to make your position known. We encourage everybody to state their case, whatever you might say.

Financial Position (Doug Chaney, Secretary/Treasurer)
January 1 to December 31 - 2011 (not yet audited)

Membership $20,900.00
Interest Income $ 0.31
Subtotal of income   $20,900.31
Office Expenses $634.86
Travel, Meetings $1,765.67
Olympia Advocacy $12,100.00
Economic Study $1,000.00
Legal fees $4,482.28
CPA fees $300.00
Web design $1,104.61
Sub total of expenses   $21,387.42
Net Income (Loss) $ –487.11

Board Elections

    Our by-laws require elections every year for all directors on the board.
  • There are 2 seats reserved for gillnetters, 2 for purse seiners, 4 for seafood processors, and 1 for at-large industry members.
  • We received nominations for 3 gillnetters, 2 purse seiners, 2 processors, and 2 industry members.
  • We are currently asking our members for more nominations (enough to fill out all board positions).
  • As soon as we have enough nominees (and, each nominee accepts the nomination!), then we will send out voting cards to each member, and complete the voting process.
  • All board seats will be filled for the 2012 Fiscal Year.

New Legislation (Salmon Enhancement Assessment)

The most important issue confronting us right now is funding: In order for us to proceed with our plans to help fund budget shortfalls for hatchery operations and enhancement programs and projects, we must come up with a stable source of funding. We firmly believe that this source of funding must be an enhancement assessment on landed salmon, paid 2.5% by both the fisherman and the processor. We will submit this proposal to the legislature in January.

Please help us by contacting your local representatives (both House and Senate), and encourage them to vote YES on our bill.

Thank you for your support this year. If you have any questions, please call any of the individuals listed below.

Contact Information, Board Members, and Executive Director

President Paul Troka, purse seiner, Concrete, 206.612.0991
President Doug Chaney, processor (Franco Fish Company), Tacoma, 253.983.5610
Board Member: Mike Forbush, processor (Ocean Beauty Seafoods), Seattle, 206.285.6800
Board Member: Paul Matson, purse seiner, Seattle, 206.769.4549
Board Member: David Lawler, gillnetter, Ketchikan, 360.927.8373
Board Member: Sal Papetti, gillnetter, Bellingham, 360.920.6060
Processor: Open
Processor: Open
Executive Director: Daniel Luzzo, Bainbridge Island, 206.855.0819

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