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Orca eating a salmon

Photo courtesy of the Center for Whale Research

“ We have a new bill! ”

After working with many different user groups, we have revised the original version of our proposed legislation.

This bill will be presented to the Legislature in the 2012 Session.

PLEASE come to Olympia and give your testimony.

The entire bill can be seen HERE.

Our association is focused on the enhancement of Pacific salmon runs in the greater Puget Sound. Our members are diverse, and represent recreational and commercial fishermen, Tribal fishermen, seafood processing businesses, industry suppliers, environmentalists, and general members of the public. We hope that you would consider our mission, and join us as well.

The ongoing economic crisis in our country has caused large revenue gaps in the budget of the State of Washington, and funding for public hatcheries (along with all other public programs) has been drastically cut. We accept the challenge from our political leaders to find creative solutions to these funding issues, and we have developed our response. Please check out our website for details, and join us in our quest.

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